Radfem Rise Up 2013

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Radfem Rise Up! was one of the best and most important experiences of my life.


It was a healing space. There was intimate bonding over shared experiences. There was horror at hearing abuses done to women by men. There was fury and indignation. There was fear. There was strategy and planning. There was cheering and deep laughter and sobs as well. When I got home, I felt bereft. Something had been taken from me: women who understood. That we are so few and so far is hard to bear. But I’ve forged friendships that I know will survive distance and time. And I have ideas, plans, and a strength derived from the power of my sisters’ voices.

But it was not all good.

As many readers undoubtedly heard, our venue cancelled at the last minute. As soon as I walked in the door, I was told what happened. As…

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